Therapeutic massage – Naked Or Not?

[ad_1] As a qualified Holistic Massage therapist in the United kingdom, I have been following some online discussions with wonderful curiosity. 1 debate that will in all probability go on advert infinitum is, “to what extent is nudity suitable/required for a complete human body massage?” I certified with ITEC, who give a obvious message that […]

Craniosacral Massage – The Rewards

[ad_1] Craniosacral therapeutic massage is a mild, hands-on method of evaluating and boosting the function of the craniosacral system. It is a sort of therapeutic therapy, we glance at the rewards of craniosacral therapeutic massage and examine the benefits of it in far more depth. What is the Craniosacral Method? The Craniosacral technique is a […]

Types Of Massage Therapy And The Benefits

[ad_1] There are many different types of massage. If you are looking to try the therapy, you will need to research the various methods to determine which is for you. Amatsu massage therapy targets the build-up of emotional and physical tensions in the body that is a result of past incidents. Amatsu therapists will use […]

The Importance of Continuing Professional Development as a Massage Therapist

[ad_1] Some professionals, such as physicians and nurses, are required to complete a certain amount of continuing education each year. This is to make sure they keep up to date on the newest techniques available to help their patients. While having a massage therapist license might not mean you must take continuing education, it is […]