Sticker anxiety is a effective phobia that affects many people today all through the earth

Like all phobias, it is in essence an stress and anxiety ailment.

Only place, those people with this particular phobia knowledge various levels of stress and anxiety when confronted with stickers or sticky labels – irrespective of whether individuals stickers are on fruit this kind of as apples, bananas or kiwis, on plastic things, house appliances or on clothes, it will make very little big difference.

This phobia can make even the most brave human being shiver with worry.

Possibly the principal purpose that this unique phobia is so minor acknowledged is for the reason that people suffering from this irrational worry have usually produced a sense of abnormality or shame, wrongly believing that only they have this individual difficulty.

Due to the fact of this, those people who are afraid of stickers or of sticky labels generally truly feel foolish, getting to be hesitant to speak about it to some others and so it remains largely concealed.

In truth, in my medical apply I have taken care of only two persons for this particular phobia. The two have been clientele who experienced been effectively taken care of for other conditions and who described, practically in passing, that they also experienced from the anxiety of stickers.

The moment uncovered, however, it is a quite basic process to forever remove the panic and phobia.

The authentic challenge, of training course, is that most of those people suffering from this debilitating phobia only do not know that effective treatment method is accessible. Indications of a sticker phobia are comparable to those of other phobias: enhanced coronary heart rate, palpitations, dry mouth, shortness of breath and even feelings of dizziness or nausea when exposed to the rationally benign stimulus of stickers or sticky labels.

So concealed is this phobia that at the moment there seems to be no generally approved name for the worry of stickers or of sticky labels. It basically does not at the moment show up on any phobia record.

Having said that, I have coined a neologism – or new term – for this phobia, primarily based on correct linguistic guidelines, which I offer here.

The term ‘phobia’ will come from the Greek word this means ‘fear’ and the rule is that any suffix connected to it ought to also be of Greek origin. (Nevertheless some phobia names comprise suffixes derived from Latin, this is linguistically incorrect and has been brought about just since the medical doctors who coined the title of the phobia were a lot more common with Latin than they had been with Greek!)

The price of getting a appropriate identify for the irrational concern of stickers and of sticky labels is that individuals suffering from this phobia may well perfectly locate actual relief in getting that there is in fact a title for their key concern and so may well sense fewer irregular and exceptional.

Having a accurate name for any affliction that disturbs us is a significant move ahead in becoming empowered to find proper treatment for it.

The name I present is ‘pittakionophobia’.

Initially, this might look like a little bit of a mouthful, but it really is just not. It is only pronounced: pit-ak-ion-ophobia.

‘Pittakion’ is the Greek phrase for label or ticket (in Latin it can be ‘pittacium’) and so, merged with ‘phobia’ pittakionophobia is the irrational fear of stickers or of labels.

Causes of Pittakionophobia – Dread of Stickers

The genuine leads to of pittakionophobia almost normally lie in the individual’s earlier.

Mainly because of a prior knowledge, the person’s subconscious has connected stickers or sticky labels with panic and danger.

Most often, this has took place in childhood or in the early decades of adolescence, even though in some cases it could have transpired later on in existence.

These types of an practical experience may possibly have happened specifically, as a outcome of a traumatic expertise involving a sticker – obtaining a person stuck to some component of the entire body, for case in point – or even indirectly as a result of a further person’s fearful working experience that was noticed by the human being who would then go on to create the phobia. Remedy of Sticker Phobia

The fantastic news is that serious and helpful aid is offered.

Working with a perfectly expert and expertly properly trained superior transformational hypnotherapist, it is attainable to arrive at back again and uncover the origin of this phobia.

After this is completed, we can simply neutralize the incorrect belief that has been installed in the unconscious that stickers or sticky labels imply danger and that it needs to induce anxiousness.

In its spot we can establish emotions of quiet and relaxation when encountering or considering about stickers or sticky labels, wholly reducing pittakionophobia.

The basic fact is that you have been not born with this phobia and you do not have to proceed to dwell your everyday living all around this anxiety.

If you – or someone you treatment about – are scared of stickers if you put up with from the panic of stickers or are frightened of sticky labels then there definitely is a little something you can do about it.

With the qualified use of advanced hypnotherapy you can be freed from the terrible panic of stickers – pittakionophobia – and end staying worried of stickers for superior.

Consult with a fully properly trained specialist sophisticated transformational hypnotherapist who has working experience in dealing with this and other phobias and get started the liberating process of liberating oneself from the unnecessary anxiety of stickers or the fear of sticky labels – pittakionophobia – now.

You can say goodbye to your sticker phobia quickly and effortlessly – and you will be tremendously delighted that you did!

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