There are quite a few theories to explain the phenomenon of believed and the processes in it. Not only human beings, but even plant everyday living also have system of contemplating No doubt, human beings are ready to make study about assumed method particularly about human imagined. In our before write-up we thought of how the human everyday living is negation of gravitational forces. Now, we shall see how considered is power. If so, how it is linked with electro-magnetic radiation

J.Krishnamurti, the terrific thinker-philosopher from India constantly maintains that assumed is electricity. Enormous vitality is needed to negate any considered which is a solid evidence that considered is a form of power. He also maintains that assumed is of time. Consequently time is also a variety of electricity and many actions in time are alterations in power only. In this post, we shall see how this vitality is connected to the different elements of electro-magnetic radiation.

Researchers preserve that person, in his entire body has a magnetic electricity in distinct proportions in his human body. That is why some men and women are additional eye-catching and individuals just prolonged to satisfy and discuss with them. The believed waves of wonderful seers immediately regulate folks apart. I experienced these an working experience when I saw a fantastic Saint from a distance. I felt as if I was lifted previously mentioned the ground when the Saint stood up. In the exact same way human physique also has electrical electricity simply because of a variety of energy equipped by the meals we consider. This is the foundation for the next principle that gentleman has electro magnetic radiation in the kind of many views.

1. Heat electricity (Infra-red spectra)

The first concern is ‘what is the source of vitality constituting believed?’ No doubt, the creation of physical body usually takes area when the ovum is frozen with man’s sperms. For this some exterior energy is essential and let us acquire that oxygen in the system gives that warmth for freezing. For this reason the basic require for the start of a residing getting is warmth electricity.

This heat is desired all alongside life. The food stuff we eat provides the heat and it keeps daily life heading. As soon as the warmth is shed, it referred to as death and there is no motion.

For any living remaining the most simple need is foodstuff for getting the warmth needed for daily life. At some innovative age, the exact heat power gives the urge for intercourse and the multiplication of several species goes on endlessly.

For this reason Everyday living starts from the Infra-pink element of the electro-magnetic spectrum. This is the most essential will need of any dwelling getting which crave for finding food stuff for their survival.

The believed of all residing beings are normally revolving close to these two fundamental needs 1. Food stuff and 2. Sex. For some second we shall set aside the discussion on sexual dreams and focus on craving for food stuff. Foodstuff provides the essential strength in the form of warmth. The character and the calibre of a particular person relies upon on the foods he requires.

The assumed also may differ with the foodstuff he takes. Man prefers to consider the warmth electricity as per his have to have and that is why imagined is when compared to IR spectra. The position of its action is abdomen and it is regarded as AGNI(Hearth). This agni is generally burning and gives required strength for the body. The extension of this fire is the sexual urge. The achievements or failure of a living becoming depends on the performance with which it utilizes that electrical power.

2. Mild.

Upcoming will come Mild. The visible portion of the power spectra. Gentle, and ultra violet radiations are furnished by Solar, the father of our photo voltaic process. Solar also supplies foods in the type of natural vitamins and the very important energy for residing. When we say Light-weight, we have to automatically mention the importance of vision. Eyesight is the immediate consequence of Sunlight which activates the inner organisms of the living system like ears and eyes. Hence we will be in a position to recognise the position of gentle in existence.

3. X-Rays

It may well appear that human daily life utilises only warmth and light for its existence which is not accurate. Some people have penetrating eyes which pierce as a result of the interior self of the particular person standing opposite to him. Like an X-ray finding out the infra-framework of a crystal, a seer is equipped to read what is taking place in another man’s mind. So we can say he is in possession of X-rays in his thoughtful head.


This is the most crucial and interesting part of this report. We are aware that specified human beings have excess regular powers. They are deemed possessing some cosmic electric power. They are equipped to radiate energy and therefore draw in other human beings. Seers like Ramana Maharishi are standing illustrations of these types of a cosmic power. They you should not stay the everyday lifetime of a widespread person but reside extra common lifetime which common adult males will not be in a position to comprehend.

Like any other vitality, thought (power) is also amassed inside of the system. All actions of a dwelling being can be discussed in conditions of dissipation of believed electricity. Such actions count on the will need of the physique and command of the brain.

To consolidate:

1. Foods presents heat vitality, and the power amassed and used by way of believed and motion falls in Infra red spectrum. We are not able to anticipate much mild and wisdom from them.

2. Folks who have vision both of those exterior and external, have fantastic ability of light and they will be ready to throw additional light in all the issues they see. In actuality, lifetime itself is a reflection of a master smart strategy which is in a position to penetrate via place and time and see further than far too (5th Theory of Holistic Philosophy). So this may well be regarded as Visual location of the electro-magnetic spectrum.

3. Some people are equipped to penetrate via other men’s hearts and convey to what is functioning in their minds. These types of people today have X-Ray intellect and they are in a position to see past matter and so this aspect of believed can be categorized as X-Ray region of the spectrum.

4. There are seers who have in them, massive cosmic powers and distribute clever radiations so that persons all over them will get monumental bliss. That aspect of lifetime fall in cosmic ray category.

As a result we can see various areas of the electro-magnetic radiation are unfold in human entire body in various proportions. It is still left to the unique to find out which element of the spectrum he has a lot more, which he is in need to have to run and act accordingly.

It might be observed that only Infra-pink part involves much more foodstuff and is instantly proportional to the vitality written content (depending on one’s overall health like digestive electric power) whilst in other part foods is to be decreased and mental and moral energy are to be drawn by Yoga, meditation and other personal ethical procedures.

I conclude this short article by informing that no empirical evidence was presented in guidance of the above derivations. But these proof could be accessible and may perhaps be acquired from various references. Visitors who have who have much more Gentle electricity articles may well convey these kinds of references, who have much more X-ray contents may perhaps make study on the subject matter and who have cosmic powers may well impart this kind of understanding to other individuals.


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