There are many causes of domestic violence against women, but one of the main causes is drug and alcohol abuse. Abuse tends to happen when husbands/boyfriends or partners are in addicted states. Some causes stem from abusers who have learned the behavior from their childhoods. It has been said that men who witness domestic violence as children, grow up to be “abusers” with women suffering similar childhoods grow up to be “victims”.

Women make up the majority of victims suffering from domestic violence. Women are subjected to punishments for making large or minor mistakes. This abuse can involve physical abuse, verbal abuse, sexual abuse, physiological abuse and traumatization.

What can be done?

If you are subjected to domestic violence, or you observe domestic violence with someone else, the first thing you should do is call the police. There are various organizations that provide support to women suffering from this epidemic. If you are suffering from abuse, you can obtain counseling by telephone. Counselors can evaluate your situation and show what you should do to get out of the relationship. In some cases, you might be advised to leave the situation to seek help.

Not everyone wants to leave their abusive situations. Some women choose to obtain support not only for themselves, but their abusers. If this is the case, attempt to resolve your differences on a personal level with your partner, and engage the necessary steps to eliminate the violent tendencies. Please keep in mind, that when choosing to stay in these situations, you must obtain the services of a professional. Otherwise, both you and your partner will reach a metaphorical dead-end road with more violence occurring.

If you find that the violence is occurring resulting from something out of your control, you are in no way in a position to address the issue at hand. This means that you must consider the safety of yourself and your children. There are various organizations that can help you and your children restore your life while steering you on a path of normalcy for your family.

Domestic violence organizations provide emotional, legal and financial aid. Sometimes, they might arrange for you and your family to stay at a secret location. Secret locations are usually domestic violence shelters. This ensures the safety of you and your children with your abuser not being able to locate you. The UK has enacted various laws in preventing and protecting women from domestic violence. Anyone found guilty of this violence are subjected to harsh punishments by the legal system.

Women who choose to stay in abusive environments should carefully evaluate available options with taking appropriate steps in ending the violence. Sadly, sometimes women do not realize until it is too late that their abusers must want support in order for things to change. There are many causes of domestic violence against women. The issue of abuse should be taken seriously with taking the necessary steps to remove yourself and your family from an abusive home if the abuser does not want to succumb to counseling.

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